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A safe and secure foundation for little learners to thrive

Welcome to Pre-Prep (Year 1 & 2), where we believe in providing a safe and secure foundation for our little learners to thrive.

Years 1 and 2 mark the start of a more structured approach to learning, while still retaining the small class sizes and personalised approach to learning that starts in Nursery and Reception

Pupils in every year group have a form tutor, and in Years 1 and 2 they split their time between lessons in the likes of English, Maths and Humanities with their tutor, and specialist teaching in French, Drama, Music, Science, ICT, PSHE and PE.

Subject Specialists

Fostering a love of learning for life

From Year 2, Maths and Art are also taught by subject specialists, gradually increasing the amount of time our pupils spend moving around the school and working in our dedicated subject classrooms.

Introducing the children to subject specialists is integral to our goal at St Mary’s to foster a love of learning for life. We believe that subject specialists are able to impart a unique passion for their area of expertise that the children thrive on.

The knowledge they have access to and our teachers’ enthusiasm for their respective subjects contributes to the innovative, stimulating and challenging learning environment all our pupils are immersed in.


An enriching journey awaits

Our extensive extracurricular program is designed to contribute not only to academic and personal development but, most importantly, to the joy of learning.

Many of our pupils, starting from Year 1 and beyond, eagerly participate in our diverse range of extracurricular clubs. These clubs provide a wonderful opportunity for your child to explore and develop personal interests, enhance their skills in a sport or activity they're passionate about, and, most importantly, to simply have fun while making lasting memories.

The attainment of St Mary's pupils is above national age-related expectations in all subjects.

– ISI Inspection Report 2023

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St Mary's Preparatory School is a Microsoft Showcase School

We are proud that St Mary's Preparatory School has been recognised as a Microsoft Showcase School, dedicated to using technology for personalised learning and school-wide transformation.

With 1:1 devices and cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and OneNote, we enrich students' learning experiences.

Our goal is to make their skills relevant in real-world scenarios, seamlessly integrating knowledge into daily life and future projects.

Parent & Pupil Feedback


Parents agree that:

  • the school safeguards their children effectively.

  • the school helps their children to be confident and independent.

  • the range of subjects is suitable for their child.

  • their child is well prepared for senior school.

  • the school equips their child with the skills they need later in life.

100% pupils agree that the school expects the children to behave well.

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