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Community is a key part of life at St Mary's Preparatory School

Our close-knit school community is a cornerstone of our educational journey.

Here, teachers, children, and parents come together as active participants, each with a voice in shaping our school's excellence.

Over the years, we've diligently nurtured this inclusive and welcoming community, ensuring that everyone has a role in making our school the best it can be.

This sense of togetherness not only enriches our educational experience but also underscores our commitment to holistic development.

Discover our welcoming community

Where teachers, children and parents all have a voice to make the school the best it can be.

Connecting and growing together

Buddy Scheme

Within the school environment, children of all ages are encouraged to mix and make friends. We operate a buddy scheme at the beginning of each new school year, when a Year 6 pupil will be paired with a child in Reception or Nursery and will help them settle into school life, play with them during breaks and generally make them feel welcome.

School Council

We also have a School Council, where two children from each year group in Year 1 and up are elected by their classmates to represent them, giving them a voice for their often fantastic ideas and an opportunity to contribute to decision making within the school.

Parent Engagement

We actively encourage parents to get involved in school activities as well, whether that’s coming into the school to give a talk about their profession, reading a story to younger children at the end of the school day or attending one of the many parents’ events organised by Friends of St Mary’s.

Community is an important part of life in Henley, and a concept that we want our pupils to embrace and respect.

Enriching education beyond the classroom

As a school we value our place at the heart of the local community and our partnerships with local care homes, environmental groups, charities and sports organisations, extends the reach of the school far beyond the school gates.

Pupils take pride in contributing to the lives of those in the wider community and embrace initiatives such as litter picking, to help conserve their local environment.

Alongside this, a focus on hands on experiential learning, ensures that the children’s learning is brought to life in a memorable and exciting way. A creative approach to learning outside the classroom sees the children enjoy learning walks to the river, time at local allotments and the library, getting close to nature with chicks in the classroom and participating in regional literary and sporting events.

Parent & Pupil Feedback


Parents agree that:

  • the school safeguards their children effectively.

  • the school helps their children to be confident and independent.

  • the range of subjects is suitable for their child.

  • their child is well prepared for senior school.

  • the school equips their child with the skills they need later in life.

100% pupils agree that the school expects the children to behave well.

The school is such a wonderful community - amongst staff, children and families. Children are really able to learn and develop in a very nurturing, friendly and safe environment. There are such great opportunities for all.

– Parent, St Mary’s Preparatory School

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