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Inspection Reports

ISI Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report



Our most recent inspection by the Independent School Inspectorate, gave us the highest possible outcome – describing both the quality of pupils’ academic achievements and their personal development, as excellent.

From our children’s ‘highly enthusiastic approach to learning’ and their ‘outstanding attitude to their studies’, to their collaborative and supportive behaviour, ‘strong social awareness’ and ‘excellent personal development’ the inspection team praised all aspects of life at St. Mary’s.

The inspectors noted that: "Pupils’ highly enthusiastic approach to learning enables them to make excellent progress across the curriculum.”


  • The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.

  • The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.

  • Pupils are outstanding communicators. Their reading and writing skills are of a high standard.

  • Pupils’ numeracy skills are a great strength; their enjoyment for this subject is wholly apparent.

  • Pupils’ gains in attainment over time are excellent.

  • Pupils are well-balanced confident individuals.

  • Pupils across the school are extremely socially aware.

Regulatory Compliance Inspection
June 2018

The Regulatory Compliance report was published by the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate (ISI) following their inspection in June 2018.

The outcome of ‘met’ is the highest possible achievement under this inspection framework. Across a large number of requirements and regulations including quality of education provision; welfare, health and safety of pupils; spiritual moral and cultural development of pupils; suitability of staff; premises; provision of information; complaint handling and management, the inspectors found that we complied with every element and there were no recommendations for the school to do anything differently.

SIS Inspection October 2014

“In the Early Years the educational programmes for children’s learning are outstanding.”

“The high expectations and the quality of care provided by the staff have created a strong sense of a vibrant, interactive and successful school community where individuals feel safe, enjoy school and develop as confident and articulate young people.”

“Pupils’ high standards of literacy and numeracy are supported effectively by the standard of teaching.”

“The high quality of the curriculum, including the rich range of opportunities for learning provided by school visits and extra-curricular activities, enables pupils of all abilities to make progress, ensure that they are well prepared for the next stage of their education and have the basic skills to enable them to make the most of the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adult life.”

“The quality of teaching is outstanding overall, particularly in the upper part of the school and is supported by specialist teaching and teachers’ excellent subject knowledge.”

“The school day is notable for the absence of raised voices and this reflects the positive relationships between pupils and staff, and pupils and each other.”

St Mary's Preparatory School is a Microsoft Showcase School

We are proud that St Mary's Preparatory School has been recognised as a Microsoft Showcase School, dedicated to using technology for personalised learning and school-wide transformation.

With 1:1 devices and cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and OneNote, we enrich students' learning experiences.

Our goal is to make their skills relevant in real-world scenarios, seamlessly integrating knowledge into daily life and future projects.

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