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Academic Excellence

Ignite academic brilliance

At St. Mary's Preparatory School, we are dedicated to cultivating academic excellence. Our school provides a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child's educational journey is guided by our passionate and dedicated team of educators.

With a rigorous curriculum, personalised attention, and innovative teaching methods, we empower our pupils to unlock their potential, cultivate critical thinking skills, and achieve academic excellence.

Explore how we instil a love for learning, ignite intellectual curiosity, and prepare our pupils for success in an ever-evolving world.


Our educational approach is defined by creativity, imagination, and a commitment to academic excellence

Our curriculum is designed to engage and excite young minds, all within well-equipped and inspiring classrooms.

We hold our students to high academic standards, instilling a drive for achievement in every child.

With a wealth of experience in preparing students for the 11+ transition to some of the region's most prestigious senior schools, we ensure they are well-equipped for future challenges.

Furthermore, our dedication extends to recognising and addressing each student's unique learning needs. We provide flexible and diverse learning opportunities, allowing children to progress at their own pace while achieving their individual potential, regardless of their abilities and needs.

Outstanding Results

Results from our yearly progress tests consistently exceed the national average in all subjects

We closely monitor all of our pupils as they progress through the school and work hard to create a nurturing learning environment that challenges every child as they develop.

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the outstanding results our students achieve, consistently earning offers from some of the most prestigious schools in the area, often accompanied by scholarship opportunities.

We take pride in being uniquely positioned to provide tailored guidance on the best educational destinations for your child, considering their academic ability, strengths, and character, ensuring a bright and successful future.

The average standardised score for our children at the end of year 6 (including our children with SEN) was at least 15 points higher than the national average of 100:








Reading Tests

Attainment is above national age-related expectations in all subjects. The quality of pupils' academic and other achievements is excellent. Pupils' Numeracy skills are a great strength.

 – ISI Inspection Report 2023


Helping pupils fulfil their potential

Our mission is to empower each student to reach their full potential. Our approach centres around personalised learning, ensuring that every child receives the care and attention necessary to thrive and find success.

We encourage all our students to take risks and become confident, independent learners. Through our nurturing environment, we inspire children to embrace new ideas, instil enthusiasm, and cultivate a hunger for knowledge that extends well beyond their time at our school and into their future.

Pursuit of the highest achievements

We are deeply committed to creating a love of learning in every child, celebrating their diverse abilities, and helping them exceed their own expectations. We understand that 'More, Able, and Talented' (MAT) pupils require challenges and inspiration to reach their full potential, much like those who may need additional support.

In addition to specialised classroom guidance, we offer a range of enriching activities for MAT pupils, driven by our dedicated subject specialists. These opportunities span Years 1-6 and encompass N'Rich Maths sessions, specialist Art and DT workshops, and more, designed to ignite imaginations.

Our annual STEM challenge and participation in external programs like the Abingdon School Business Challenge and Super Chefs at Leighton Park further enrich the learning journey for our MAT pupils.

Give your child the gift of academic excellence

Join us at St. Mary's Preparatory School, where every student's success story begins!

We warmly welcome you to join us on a journey to explore the exceptional educational opportunities that await your child.

11+ Preparation

Our 11+ preparation programme meets the unique challenges of 11+ entrance exams

Unlike traditional last-minute cramming, our approach begins early, scaffolded from Year 1. We prioritise a deep understanding of each child and their family, making the process a personalised one. This not only reduces the need for stress but also prioritises the well-being of our students.

Our students are not just taught to memorise but to truly understand and apply their knowledge. We hone their exam techniques throughout their time at our Prep school, ensuring they enter the 11+ exams with confidence and a strong sense of readiness.

St Mary's Preparatory School is a Microsoft Showcase School

We are proud that St Mary's Preparatory School has been recognised as a Microsoft Showcase School, dedicated to using technology for personalised learning and school-wide transformation.

With 1:1 devices and cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and OneNote, we enrich students' learning experiences.

Our goal is to make their skills relevant in real-world scenarios, seamlessly integrating knowledge into daily life and future projects.

ISI Inspection Report 2023


  • The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.

  • The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.

  • Pupils are outstanding communicators. Their reading and writing skills are of a high standard.

  • Pupils’ numeracy skills are a great strength; their enjoyment for this subject is wholly apparent.

  • Pupils’ gains in attainment over time are excellent.

  • Pupils are well-balanced confident individuals.

  • Pupils across the school are extremely socially aware.

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