Young Voices at the O2

By Thomas Mennie and Lucy Triptree,  Year 6B: 
“On the 7th February we went to sing with 7638 other children at the O2 arena in London.
When we got there we found our seats and had lunch. We had a very long rehearsal with the conductor David Lawrence and the musical director Craig. Urban Strides guided us through our dance moves and even some sign language even though we had been practising a lot at school.
The songs were very wordy but we loved them and it was great fun. We sang Birdhouse in Your Soul, Five Guys Named Moe medley, a folk medley called Over the Hills which included some challenging Welsh lyrics and a rock and a pop medley among other songs. One of the guest singers was Tabby Callaghan who was an Irish Guitarist and Charlene Hector who had an amazing voice. We accompanied them both.
After our tea we waited for our parents to enter the arena so we could spot them and then the show began. It was very warm under the lights and we were close to the stage. The atmosphere was amazing and very positive. We danced our socks off! We played air guitar and Mrs Shaw, Mrs Bodle and Mr Harmer had a lot of fun doing that too. The concert ended at 9.00 and we all got home very late but it was so worth it and definitely something we will remember for the rest of our lives.”
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