Year 4, day one of residential trip

The Year 4 trip to Juniper Hall is going well, as Mr Harmer and Miss Mason report:

We arrived at 12:00 noon, had lunch and then the children met our activity leader Simon.

The first activity was pond dipping which was focusing on invertebrates. It was a trifle cold due to the hail stones which preceded to fall for the majority of the session but this didn’t dampen the spirits and lots of pond life was collected. The children then went back into the classroom to check on what they had found through the microscopes.

We then moved onto small mammals and started to discuss the differences in mammals such as mice, shrews and voles and their adaptations.

The children were introduced to the Longworth trap, a humane small mammal trap, which they started to fill with some rabbit food, meal worms and some straw bedding.

After washing our hands we then had supper which the children all ate and many had seconds. They were commended for their behaviour and cleanliness at the dinner table prior to returning to the dormitory to finish getting the rooms ready.

We then went out to hide the traps in places where the crows and magpies wouldn’t see them before setting off on a walk up Juniper Hill.

The day finished off in the common room with some hot chocolate. Everyone settled quickly in their rooms and we’re hoping that the fresh air and climb up the hill will enable them to have a really good long sleep. We can dream!

Best wishes

Mr Harmer and Miss Mason

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