Year 4, day two of residential trip

Mr Harmer and Miss Mason report on day 2 at Juniper Hall:

‘After making our sandwiches we enjoyed a hearty breakfast with the majority of us having cereals followed by a cooked breakfast – some even managed some toast and jam too! We were going to need the fuel though with the day’s activities planned.

First of all we went to check our Longworth traps to see if we had caught anything. The disappointment on the children’s faces was clear to see as they arrived at the site to see the traps scattered far and wide by the crows and magpies. We decided to reset them in a different area and left them for the morning whilst we got to grips with compasses and finding our bearings.

The children navigated our route up to the folly looking down on Juniper Hall set high up on the hill. Their reward for finding their way here was the discovery of a box of biscuits to share out and replenish some of the energy they’d used climbing up.

We then looked West towards the Denby vineyards before navigating our way back to the main house. On the way back down we discovered that Box Hill was named so due to the Box trees growing on the hill. After lunch we went to check on our mammal traps and we were delighted to find that 5 of the traps had been tripped. On closer inspection only 3 contained a small mammal. Kirsten Botha and George Verry both caught a shrew and Nick Rainboth caught a vole. After reviewing their features and adaptations we released them back into the wild.

We then moved onto the front lawn to play some games which were testing our abilities to work together as a team, to demonstrate and develop leadership skills, to listen to instructions and to each other, to look for solutions, to communicate effectively to our group and to encourage and support our team. After eventually succeeding on all our tasks and improving on our times we then went in for supper.

The evening activity was singing songs around the camp fire and toasting marshmallows. Afterwards we returned to our dormitory for a quick shower before bedtime. I think we shall all sleep very well this evening’.

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