Wear Purple for JIA

The whole school has got involved in #WearPurpleforJIA today.
There have been some incredible outfits, from purple sequin waistcoats, purple knitted headbands and scrunchies, to purple tights, bows, jumpers and hoodies!
Raising awareness of Junior Idiopathic Arthritis is important to us, as one of our Year 6 pupils is one of the 12,000 children in the UK who has the autoimmune disease.
His Mum told us that: “Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) is inflammation in joints, that make them hot, swollen and painful. It can be found in any joint however in our son it is in both his knees and ankles. Around 1 in every thousand children have arthritis. It can be difficult to tell when a child has arthritis as their pain is on the inside. It is hard for us when he has a flare as he is tired, angry and sad. It makes us sad when he can’t do the things he wants to do as he is in pain. It is important for us to raise awareness about juvenile arthritis and raise money so that a cure can be found and to find out more about what causes it.”
Thank you to everyone for your generosity in supporting our fundraising, we have raised more than four times our target already and the donations are still coming. Our JustGiving page can be found here: https://bit.ly/2I40Pbk
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