Sporting success in November

St Mary’s pupils have yet again shown that they are developing fantastic skills which will serve them well on and off the sports fields.

The determination and team spirit often on display is wonderful to see. Congratulations to everyone who has taken part in a sporting fixture this past month:

  • The Under 9 and Under 8 matches v St Andrews were quite the spectacle. Both teams won with impressive results and Mr Dawes was full of praise for St Mary’s teams. Year 4 won a exciting game 4-3 with George Blumfield scoring 3 goals and Ben Griffith scoring 1. Year 3 won a convincing 9-0 with Tommy Lane getting 4, Conal Thompson 2, Joseph Woolhouse 1 and Charlie Oldham 2 goals.
  • The Under 10 and Under 11 Football V Trinity offered challenges to the A and B team and saw St Mary’s win one and lose three matches. Players of the various matches were Jessica Reed, Sienna Wright, Charlotte Groom, Nell Peters and Alma Badesha.
  • The Under 10s and Under 11 Netball Tournament, resulted in a win for the Black Team and a valiant effort of 5th place for the Blue team. Congratulations to Captains Anna Biggs and Harrison Blumfield.
  • In the Cross Country event, St Mary’s yet again did well. Special mention to Lilly Whittam, Chloe Thomas and Kirsten Botha for running in more senior year groups.
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