Rudolph came to school!

We enjoyed a very special morning in school, with a visit from these two beautiful Reindeer.
Meet Hurricane, who is 6 years old, and Glacier who is 8 and who was born in Norway. Fitting in a visit to school just before they get very busy for Christmas, the children were delighted to meet them.
All of the classes, from Nursery to Year 6, enjoyed time with the animals, learning some fascinating facts about them.  We discovered that Reindeer shed their antlers annually, after Christmas, and grow a new set in the Spring.  Everyone was surprised to learn that Reindeer can swim, that they can jump as high as an adult, and that they can run at up to 40mph to escape their predators that include Polar Bears and Artic Foxes.
Despite the beautiful sunshine this morning, we were very cold, but this didn’t both the animals who can survive at temperatures of -50C!
It was a very special Christmas treat for all of our pupils.
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