Our Online Teaching and Learning Programme is designed around the school’s existing curriculum


Our Online Teaching and Learning Programme is designed around the school’s existing curriculum

We recognise that learning from home will not always be straightforward, with multiple family members sharing devices and space and parents needing to work and supervise children simultaneously. We therefore trust that the programme outlined below will help to overcome some of these challenges and allow for patterns to be established within each home, fitting in with work and family schedules.

As a result, the learning to be shared with pupils in the Summer Term via the Seesaw platform will combine live input via Microsoft Teams, pre-recorded video clips, internet links, documents, PowerPoints, direct tasks and timetabled sessions.

Tasks will be set to be completed in a variety of mediums and are designed around the school curriculum that your child would typically be working through when learning on the school site. In doing so, our sessions will blend both synchronous (online) and asynchronous (offline) content and experiences, including:

Synchronous online teaching with whole class: This is when a teacher connects online with a class group. This could be for form time or a specific class. Teachers may arrange this for part of a lesson in order to minimise elongated periods of time on the screen.

Synchronous online teaching with a group: This is when a teacher connects online with a smaller group of pupils. This could be for a specific aspect of academic work, e.g. an English teacher working with 4-5 pupils. It could also be for a wellbeing check in when a member of staff checks in with a group to discuss how things are going in this new way of working.

Synchronous one-to-one: There may be instances when 1:1 input is required. This could be, for example, for learning support lessons etc. Individual teachers may also wish to connect with pupils 1:1. These would be carried out in accordance with our safeguarding policy.

Asynchronous teaching: This is when a teacher pre-prepares teaching input, often by a short video and uploads for pupils to view. This is an effective way of delivering short pieces of teaching content to support learning

Asynchronous learning tasks: This is when a teacher sets tasks and activities for pupils to complete. These usually follow some teaching input. These tasks may reinforce previous learning or apply new learning.

We fully understand that there may sometimes be instances in which your child cannot participate in online sessions and, should this be the case, please email the relevant class teacher who will get in touch with you and your child.

It must also be highlighted that as staff are learning this new way of working we will initially be trialling ‘live’ Form times before moving to ‘live’ or synchronous subject teaching.

Will have 4 to 5 activities per day between 9:00 and 3:30pm.

These will consist of focused activities, open-ended tasks and learning through free play.

These activities will be set via Seesaw.

Will have 7 sessions between 8:45-3:30pm. These will consist of 30-60 minute sessions of focused activity.

Short breaks should be taken throughout the day with an additional 30 minutes in the morning and at least an hour at lunchtime.Where possible and weather permitting these breaks should be taken outside to give the children the opportunity for fresh air and exercise.

Games, the Arts and Activities will be part of the timetable to provide a balance to the school day.

Any change to the published timetable will be made available to parents at our earliest convenience either via a Seesaw notification or email.

Work for the Early Years will be posted in Seesaw by 8:30pm in the evening in advance of the next day.

Work for Years 1- 6 will be posted before 8:45am prior to Form time.

Completed work can be submitted to teachers via Seesaw.

There will be compulsory Form time sessions held each day which will enable the pupils to check-in through Microsoft Teams. This will be at a fixed time and will be communicated in advance via Seesaw. Groups will rotate to enable pupils to connect with different pupils on different days.

Recorded assemblies will be uploaded on Seesaw and scheduled for approximately 10:00am prior to a break. Pupils are expected to listen to these at a time convenient to them. We will also be looking at the feasibility of using Microsoft Teams to host a whole school synchronous assembly.

A celebration assembly will be held on a Friday where we will come together as a school community to celebrate pupils achievements of the week.

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