Mindfulness at St Mary’s

Thank you @LynneWilkesMindfulness for leading a session with Year 5 this afternoon.
We are very keen to embed mindfulness into our school day at St Mary’s, to equip our pupils with the skills and strategies to cope with the stresses and anxieties life can throw at us. There is also evidence to suggest that pupils who have used mindfulness meditation techniques before exams can perform to a higher level.
Tristan Clark Lam, Year 5 reports on the session: 
‘It was a Thursday afternoon and everyone was excited for our mindfulness lesson. We started the lesson off by explaining what our bodies do when we are nervous or stressed, most people said that they get butterflies in their tummies. Then we began to meditate. We shut our eyes and the lady, who was very nice, spoke soothing, calming words. She lit a lavender candle and told us to concentrate on our breath.
After that stress-easing exercise she took a pile of paper and handed them out to us. It turns out they were actually pieces of paper with printed labyrinths on. Labyrinths are calming mazes with no wrong turns and the end of the maze was the beginning!
Finally, the last exercise was a  bit like the second except we got to lie on the floor. Two people in my class actually fell asleep!
Overall we had a great time and really enjoyed it. A BIG thank you to the lady and what a refreshing, calming way to end Thursday’.
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