Nursery is a welcoming, fun and stimulating environment where children can take the first steps on their educational journey with confidence.

Nursery is your child’s first experience of a dedicated educational environment and we believe it’s key to make this as positive, stimulating and fun as possible.

We work very hard to create a nurturing, safe and caring environment for every child and are very proud to say that our pupils enjoy their time at school.

In our most recent inspection, our Early Years educational programmes were described as “outstanding”.

Our Curriculum

Teaching literacy and numeracy skills is just one aspect of the Nursery curriculum at St Mary’s. We introduce the children to specialist teaching in French, Music and PE at this stage, which gives them experience of learning from different teachers and in different classrooms, helping develop their confidence and independence.

We also place a great emphasis on first-hand learning experiences and regularly take our Nursery class offsite to our outdoor classroom, to visit local sights and to explore Henley. These experiences are particularly engaging and memorable for the children and reinforce what they’ve learned in the classroom.

Child Progress Reports

Throughout each term, we carefully monitor and assess each child’s progress, allowing us to tailor our teaching and work at a pace every child is comfortable with. Additional support is always available for any pupil who’s struggling, while we also have the resources and time to challenge any high achieving pupils.

As well as developing strong relationships with all our pupils, we also work closely with parents and want you to be engaged in your child’s education. We have an open door policy and want to make you feel as much a part of the St Mary’s community as your child.

We believe learning at this age should be fun, exciting and stimulating, which is why we offer a varied and broad range of subjects and learning experiences.


St Mary's School Henley