Kindergarten builds on the strong foundations from Nursery to prepare children for more structured learning and greater involvement in our community.

Kindergarten is our equivalent of Reception in other schools and is where children begin their education in earnest. As in Nursery, the emphasis is on learning through play, first-hand experiences and stimulating classroom environments.

At this stage we introduce them to specialist Drama lessons, in addition to the PE, French and Music lessons that start in Nursery. Drama is a particularly important part of the curriculum at St Mary’s, with regular whole-school productions staged throughout the year. We believe participating in regular Drama classes builds children’s confidence exponentially and helps them develop many interpersonal skills that are essential as they get older.

Throughout Kindergarten, we’ll continue to work closely with each child to ensure their abilities across all areas of the curriculum develop, providing challenges where they’re required to get pupils to go the extra mile and offering support and additional help to those who are finding particular subject areas more difficult.

Regular excursions, including fortnightly sessions in our outdoor classroom, are firmly integrated into the Kindergarten curriculum and help children better understand the wider world while feeding into what’s taught in the classroom.

During their time in Kindergarten, we’re mindful of what challenges await our pupils when they move into Year 1, and we do our best to prepare them for life further up the school by equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge they’ll need to thrive.

As with Nursery, we encourage parents to get involved wherever possible in their child’s education. We value your contribution to the school and its community, and ensure there are regular opportunities for our teachers to discuss each child’s progress, both formally and informally.

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