Christmas Show!

Wow – what an incredible Christmas Show!

The children in Kindergarten – Year 4 blew us all away with their amazing performances, including really some wonderful solos, great acting and fantastic singing.

We really enjoyed the story of the ‘Inn-Spectors’, a re-telling of the Nativity through the eyes of a group of inn-spectors sent to check the accommodation in Bethlehem at census time.  Shocked to discover that one of the inns has provided accommodation in their stable amongst the animals, their stern demands that “It will not do. It will not do at all!” are soon overcome when they realise that this is no ordinary baby and the stable is fit for a King!

The children worked really hard, learning their lines, practising their songs and rehearsing together.  We can see that we definitely have some future superstars amongst our pupils, what a talented group, well done everyone!

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