Buzz, buzz! Year 2 learning about bees and food plants

Year 2 trip to Leighton Park, by Isobel Scannell

‘It was a windy and rainy morning! We were going to Leighton Park because we are learning about where our food comes from. We drove by minibus. It took half an hour.

When we got there we went inside a classroom. We looked through the microscopes at flowers and pollen. Then we swapped to look at a new flower and so on.

Then we all went outside to find out what some trees were by looking at a sheet on a clipboard (by the way we were in partners). We all had to rush because it was soggy.

After a while we went inside to have some delicious biscuits and a drink. We split into two groups, one group tasted some lovely honey and the other group wore a bee suit.

After, we got a stick with a vegetable and had to stick it by that plant. Then we tasted rosemary, chives and mint. It was lovely!

I learnt that a Conker tree is called a Horse Chestnut. I would recommend this trip to other people. I am going again!’

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