Back to School!

Welcome back!

We really missed having the children in school, and it has been such a delight to welcome them all back this week.

The playground has been buzzing with the sound of friends catching up, children playing in the sunshine and PE lessons in full swing. Skipping, football and cricket have been enthusiastically joined in, lockdown stories compared, and family news caught up on.

For our Year 6 children, this was their first chance to celebrate their fantastic success in gaining places at their first choice of senior schools together, and the opportunity to talk excitedly about future plans.

When we asked the children what their favourite thing was about coming back to school, they all said seeing their friends, and how much they have missed them. They also said that being in school together was ‘brilliant’!

You can see from their smiley faces, just how happy the children are to be here. Their excitement to be returning to a more normal way of life has really lifted everyone’s spirits, it is good to be back.

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