Find out about our fee structure, including any discounts we offer. Our experienced staff are happy to answer any questions you have about our fees.

Our fees for the school year (2017-18) are outlined below. All fees are per term unless otherwise stated:

Main School£3,645
Nursery Fees
Two days £1,395
Three days£2,060
Four days£2,725
Five days £3,380
Three mornings or afternoons £1,055
Four mornings or afternoons£1,395
Five mornings or afternoons£1,735
Ad-hoc nursery sessions£35

When your child starts with us, you will be invoiced in advance for each term. Fees are paid termly by Direct Debit on the 1st of the month that each term begins.

The invoice you receive will cover the term’s fees, compulsory pupil accident insurance and a £25 trip pre-payment to cover all external educational outings each term.

If you are having difficulty paying the fees in three installments, please speak to us about alternative payment arrangements.



Sibling Discount

We offer a Sibling Discount of £120 per term for second and all subsequent children. This is available for all children in Kindergarten and above, but is not applicable to Nursery children.

Oxfordshire County Council Early Years Scheme

We can claim the Oxfordshire Early Years funding for you.  This will be applied from the term after your child turns three and is applicable to children in Nursery and Kindergarten.

Please speak to us about applying for this scheme if you are interested.

Childcare Vouchers

We accept all Childcare Vouchers towards fees until your child turns five. Thereafter vouchers can be used towards the cost of after school clubs.

Download our Direct Debit formDirect Debit Form