More, Able and Talented

We offer a range of activities that extend and enrich More, Able and Talented pupils

More, Able and Talented

We offer a range of activities that extend and enrich More, Able and Talented pupils

At St Mary’s we are passionate that every single child develops a love of learning. We celebrate all abilities and delight in seeing children exceed their own expectations. We recognise that ‘More, Able or Talented’ (MAT) pupils need to be challenged, stretched and inspired to achieve their full potential, just as a child who is struggling in a particular subject may require additional help.

We offer a range of activities that extend and enrich MAT pupils, in addition to the support they are offered by our subject specialist teachers in the classroom. Our specialist teachers engage and inspire young minds with creative lessons, seeking opportunities to extend the learning of children at every step. We are ultimately seeking to ignite all children’s interests and capture their imagination. We constantly promote high attainment and monitor progress closely.

The ‘more, able and talented’ pupils at the school are provided with enriched and extended opportunities across the curriculum to develop their abilities. Enrichment lessons are offered throughout Years 1 – 6, with children taking part in a range of additional opportunities including N’Rich Maths sessions, specialist Art and DT workshops and many more to stimulate children’s imagination.

The school hosts an annual STEM challenge, to which children from all local primary schools are invited to take part and compete for the trophy.

More, Able and Talented’ pupils also have the opportunity to participate in additional activities including the Abingdon School Business Challenge and Super Chefs at Leighton Park.


Abingdon Science Partnership
Abingdon Prep Schools Business Challenge
Bananagrams Competition
Chiltern Arts Poetry Competition
Chiltern Edge Cross Country
Clubs including Coding, Stop Motion, Chess and Science
Countdown Competitions
Drama Productions
French Day
Henley Youth Festival Writing Competition
KS2 Poetry Competition
Music Concerts
National Story Telling Day
National Literature Quiz


Outdoor Learning
Pobble (online publishing)
Queen Anne’s Spelling Bee
Queen Anne’s Maths Challenge
Residential Trips
Sports festivals and weekly competitive matches for Year 3 – 6
STEM Challenge (Year 4)
STEM Day at Leighton Park (Year 5)
The ‘Fiver Challenge’
UKMT Junior Maths Challenge
Workshops such as Mad Science and Electricity Lego City.

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