Leavers' Destinations

We’re proud to see our pupils succeed and grow as they continue their education at some of the most prestigious secondary schools in the local area.

We are proud of the solid foundation we give our pupils before they progress to new Secondary Schools. Our children consistently receive offers from some of the most prestigious schools in the area, including the offer of scholarships. In 2017, of those Year 6 pupils who sat Independent school entrance exams, 92% were successful in securing places at their chosen schools. This past year pupils secured two academic scholarships at The Abbey, two academic scholarships for Queen Anne’s School, one for Abingdon and a verbal reasoning award. Pupils who sat the 11+ examinations also did very well, with a 100% pass rate for Kendrick Girls School and four of the five pupils who sat the 11+ were successful in passing with two being offered places at the Buckinghamshire grammar schools.

Every year, our Headmaster assesses pupils based on a range of criteria and information provided by their teachers and makes a personalised recommendation about the most appropriate next school for them. He works closely with parents to help each child achieve their potential and gain a place at their secondary school of choice. We also support children through this process by offering early morning exam clubs to help prepare for the 11+ test as well as selective examinations and interviews.

Popular Secondary Schools for St. Mary's School pupils:

Independent Schools

Reading Blue Coat School, Shiplake College and Abingdon School for the boys; and St Helen and St Katharine Independent Girls’ School, Queen Anne’s School, Cranford House and The Abbey School for girls. For those seeking co-education schools, pupils move onto Leighton Park and St Joseph’s College.

Grammar Schools

Reading Boys, Kendrick Girls’ School and Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School.

State Secondary Schools

Gillotts School, The Piggott.

Leavers' destinations

St Mary's School Henley