Head's Welcome

St Mary’s School is a community that encompasses pupils, teachers and parents, where children learn in a caring and stimulating environment.

When I’m asked to describe St Mary’s, one of the first words that comes to mind is nurturing. We work hard to create a welcoming, safe and inclusive community and educational environment for children of all ages and levels, not only supporting them on their learning journey, but also in their personal development.

We constantly challenge our pupils to push the boundaries of what they believe is possible and often delight in seeing them go further than they imagined.

One of our core principles is to instil a love of learning for life in all our pupils, and I believe introducing specialists to the children from their days in Nursery plays a significant part in helping us succeed in this vision.

Working alongside such passionate, innovative and inspiring teachers every day is a pleasure, and seeing the joy, hunger for knowledge and confidence in our pupils constantly reassures me that we’re doing a good job.

I’m very proud to be part of the community here at St Mary’s, where staff and parents truly work in partnership to get the best out of each and every child who comes through our doors.

St Mary’s may not be the largest school in the area, but I believe we consistently achieve well above expectations – academically, in the arts and drama, and in sporting activities. That’s due to the individual care and attention we give each child, our strong partnerships with parents, and an outstanding teaching staff who approach every lesson and activity with enthusiasm.

I invite you to come and meet me, the staff and the children to see this special learning environment for yourself and look forward to introducing you to the many happy faces that grace our classrooms and playground.



Rob Harmer

St Mary's School Henley